Tibidabo, the Disneyland of Barcelona

Tibidabo is the Disneyland of Barcelona–simply put, it’s the happiest place in the city. Set in the Collserola mountains behind the city, this attraction park began construction in 1900 and has since added more modern attractions, in addition to repairing the original rides. “Tibidabo” can refer to the 512-meter peak or to the attraction park, but to me, it is synonymous with joy. The park offers stunning panoramas of the skyline and also the Temple Expatori de Sagrat Cor, a Neo-Gothic church that was built between 1902 and 1951. The church can be seen from most parts of the city and is a helpful navigating tool, as well as being awe-inspiring up-close. After the panoramic views, my favorite part of Tibidabo is seeing the joy of all the children dashing around the attraction park.


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