Things Kids Say

Farts and Balls

Again with Marina, my uncommonly smart 9-year-old who I get the pleasure of tutoring each Monday…

Me: What is your sister afraid of?

Marina: *thinks hard until she finally concludes…* Farts.

Me: Farts?! She’s afraid of farts? Why?

Marina: Because they smell bad.

While hanging out with my batxillerat kids, we had a great “lost in translation” moment. There is a Spanish phrase–“tocar los huevos”–that means that someone is messing with you and taking great pleasure in annoying the heck out of you. Literally, though, it means to touch someone’s balls.

Student: My neighbor was touching my balls all night long.

Me: …what???

Student: He was playing the trumpet for hours.

Me: …what??? Wait, you can’t say that!


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