Things Kids Say

A Tough Commute

Sometimes my youngest students get confused how I, a Californian, have ended up at their school in Barcelona. They also get confused about where California is. Or they forget and think I’m from England. And then I say I’m from the United States, USA, or America until one of the terms ring a bell. But sometimes it still doesn’t make sense to them. Geography is tricky.

Student #1: But Courtney, if you live in California, how do you come to school each day?

Student #2: The Courtney is from California!

Student #1: So Courtney, you come to school on a plane each morning and then at night you go home to your parents?

Me: Not quite…

Note: In Catalan, the masculine or feminine article is placed before names when talking about a person. So at school, I am “la Courtney” translated as “the Courtney.” It makes me feel mildly important.


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