Things Kids Say

An Everest-Sized Problem

While teaching my 12-year-old 1st ESO students, I made the unfortunate discovery that they had no knowledge of basic world geography. Further teaching proved that this horrendous error was not an isolated case.

Me: Name one mountain.

Students: A mountain…?

Me: Yes, a mountain. Anywhere in the world.

Student #1: Oh, what about… oh, what’s it called… Everest!

Student #2: Everest? Where is that?

Student #1: It’s the one in the Canary Islands, I think.

Me, horrified: Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world.

Students: Really?

Me: Yes, and it is definitely not in the Canary Islands; it’s in Nepal.

Students: Nepal?

Me: It’s a country in Asia.

Students: You mean in China?

Me: China is a country. Asia is a continent. Nepal is a country in Asia south of China.

Students: *blank stares*

Me: *sigh*


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